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The Happy Project

Our Founder's message for this campaign:

"We live in a society that says education is the key to success. However, in my home country of Nigeria, where I first learned that saying has an undeclared state of emergency in the education segment. I saw a viral video of a little girl about age seven being flogged by her teacher, and sent away from her school because she did not pay her school fees. I immediately connected with her plight because I was that girl many years ago too. This little girl was unhappy about the situation. She said I wish my teacher just flogged me but let me stay in school. And that statement from such a little child said a lot. She would rather endure the pain and remain happy in school because she understood the value of her education. That led us to establish -The Happy Project, which is a scholarship program to keep our little girls in school and to keep them HAPPY!"

It is no longer news that sub-Saharan Africa is lagging behind other parts of the world in closing the gender parity gap in education. And we are delighted to play any role, even if it is a minor role in contributing to the betterment of the continent. The first phase of our scholarship program focuses on a region of Africa that has impacted the work we do. We are starting from Nigeria, and we will work our way to other parts of Africa. 

Nigeria is currently leading the polls with the highest number of children out of school worldwide at 10 million children as of 2017. In which 60% are girls as reported by UNICEF. With that, the first phase of our project at Queen E. Foundation is to educate as many girls and young women as we possibly can nationwide.

We provide scholarship grants to girls and young women in grade school through the university level. The scholarship recipients are required to have financial needs and show evidence of disadvantaged life conditions

To learn more, please contact us.

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