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(For NYC-Based HS Students)

Every female student who desires to attend their High School Prom Dance, should do so looking like "A Queen". So we would like to help transform five female students within the five NYC boroughs into Queens for their Prom nights and beyond. 

Please note: If your application is selected, the final stage involves a virtual interview session with students & parents/guardians.


Royal Makeover is sponsored by

Queen E. Collection.

Application Dateline: Feb 15th

Finalist Notified : March 1st 

The Happy Project

Our founder's message for this campaign:

"We live in a society that says education is the key to success. However, in my home country of Nigeria, where I first learned that saying has an undeclared state of emergency in the education segment. I saw a viral video of a little girl about age seven being flogged by her teacher, and sent away from her school because she did not pay her school fees.

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Petty trading buisness.jpg

Women's Empowerment Grant

We provide financial resources for widows and single mothers who are highly motivated and have the necessary skill sets to engage in petty trading or any revenue-generating businesses. 

Food Drives

We provide food assistance to the vulnerable children and their families

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aicha foundation child pic_edited.jpg

Healthcare Aids for

Sick Children

We have partnered with a not-for-profit organization in Africa, who seeks to provide medical assistance for sick and vulnerable children.  

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