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About Us

Queen E. Foundation is the philanthropic and social arm of the  fashion brand, Queen E. Collection that aims to give back to our communities. We hope to see the lives of many girls and young women across the globe transform into the royals they are destined to be, for a better world.

Our goal is to impact the lives of millions of girls and young women from unprivileged backgrounds at a minimum. We share key fundamentals of discovering and living a purposed-filled life. And empower them with the necessary resources needed for their journey to productive adult life. We hope to motivate them to look beyond their circumstances; encourage them to desire a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities despite the unfavorable odds.

The first phase of our programs is initiated in Nigeria. With time, we will be expanding the programs to other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. The second phase of our programs is targeted at the inner city communities here in the United States. 

As we launch the programs we have lined up, we will like to keep you up to date. So, please support our fashion brand, so we can continue to fund these programs. Also, please subscribe to both the business and foundation sites to remain informed.

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