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We believe all genders are equal. And every girl child deserves to have the same opportunities as the male child and should have the same odds of having a productive adult life as the male gender.

Our Vision

To impact the lives of girls and young women from unprivileged background and transform them into the royals they have been destined to be.

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Our Mission

To empower girls and young women around the world to obtain an education, personal/character development. And also encourage them to adopt a belief system of their choice to help guide them in their quest to live a purpose-driven life.


We hope to help them breakthrough family and societal barriers and to live a productive adult life. With the expectation that they will continue to empower and lead those around them to obtain the same and to eradicate poverty.

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Queen E. Foundation 

Queen E. Foundation is the social arm of the brand, Queen E. Collection that aims to give back to the community.

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